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关节臂式便携三坐标测量机品牌推荐 经济型高精度

About PMT

PMT 是一家从事测量技术并拥有研发和生产能力的公司,前期主要提供技术输出,在便携式测量、光学测量、编码器等领域。一直以来遵循欧洲标准进行产品的研发和制造,传承德国匠心制造精神,顺承质量管理体系,对产品品质的把控不遗余力。

PMT 已在德国、日本设有研发中心,中国设有制造基地,在中国各主要工业城市建立了健全的销售服务网络,保证有效和及时地提供专业技术支持和服务。


PMT is a high-tech company specialized in measurement technology, with full independent R&D and production capability. In the early stage, it mainly provides technology output and core technologies development and customization for many well-known measurement companies in the world, especially in the field of portable measurement, optical measurement, encoders, etc. In the course of its proactive participation in the global competition, PMT has an abundant accumulation of technology and innovation and always been following European standards in product research and development. Oriented by advanced technology all the time, PMT inherits German craftsmanship and quality control system and goes to great lengths to control quality. With the support of Darmstadt University of Technology, PMT has achieved certifications by European standards for its products.

PMT has set up R&D Centers in Germany and Japan and manufacture base in China. It has already established robust service network in major industrial cities in China to guarantee an effective and prompt professional technical support and service to our customers.

Looking into the future, PMT will continue to be guided by technological innovation. Make measurement much easier and more convenient as our mission, we will create a sustainable value for customers, pursue a common progress with them, continuously exceed customer expectations, achieve long term strategic goals and create value to the society.

技术描述Technical Descriptions



Portability: the host is made of high-strength carbon fiber, light and easy to carry (only about 8-14 kg), which can meet the needs of measurement anytime and anywhere.


The software has complete functions: geometric elements, three-dimensional coordinates, form and position tolerance, reverse engineering, CAD digital model and actual parts comparison test, assembly, fixture detection, inspection tool detection.

3、测量范围宽:您可以选择1.5米至4.5 米测量范围,并可以通过蛙跳方式扩展到更大的测量范围。

Wide measurement range: you can choose the measurement range from 1.5m to 4.5m, and expand to a larger measurement range by leapfrog.


USB data interface or wireless WIFI connection: universal data cable is used to communicate with computer through USB data interface, and hot plug can be realized; wireless WIFI connection can also be used to realize wireless connection measurement.


Multi degree of freedom design allows you to measure any space point position and hidden point, and the equal arm length design has no dead angle.


Internal counter balancing system, easy and flexible in operation.


Built in rechargeable batteries, can work in the environment without external power supply, and can measure 16 hours at a time.


The built-in high sensitive temperature sensor has the function of real-time temperature compensation to ensure the high-precision and stable measurement under different temperatures.


Quick clamping installation mechanism, which can provide a variety of installation forms.




Folding Adjustable Tripod

Minimum height 730mm, maximum height 1200mm; Max. load weight: 300kg; Operating

temp range: -15℃-55℃, used for all PMTARM, portable and stable.

性能指标 Alpha M Series Performance Specifications

测量范围   Measurement Range

Alpha M-2M

1 SPAT-单点摆臂测试  

1 SPAT-Single Point Articulation Test

0.020 mm

2 EUNI -两点之间的长度误差,将测量值与标称值进行比较

2 EUNI -Distance Error between two points comparing measured versus nominal values

0.028 mm

3 PSIZE - 接触式测量球体尺寸误差,比较测量值与标称值

3 PSIZE - Sphere Probing Size Error comparing measured versus nominal values

0.010 mm

4 PFORM -接触式测量球体形状误差

4 PFORM -Sphere Probing Form Error

0.023 mm

5 LDIA - 球体位置直径误差(包含从多个方位测量的球体中心的球形区域的直径)

5 LDIA - Sphere Location Diameter Error (Diameter of the spherical zone containing the centers of a sphere measured from multiple orientations)

0.030 mm


环境条件要求 Environment Specifications

工作环境温度Operating temp range: 0 °C至40 °C

储存温度Storage temperature :-30˚ -70˚ C

环境湿度Humidity: 95%(非冷凝)

供电系统 Electrical requirements: 110 – 240 VAC

认证Certificate: CE

优势 Advantages

内平衡系统 Internal Counter Balancing

双能量电池 Double High-energy Batteries

等臂设计 Perfect Equal Length Arm Design

高速WIFI性能  High-speed WIFI Performance

航空碳纤维臂身 Aerospace Grade Carbon-fiber Material

l 较高性价比High Cost Performance

 关节臂式三坐标测量机品牌推荐恒士莱机械科技 派姆特关节臂三坐标PMT便携式三坐标授权特约代理

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